Monday, March 19, 2012

Hope and Anticipation

Our team of 11 arrived safely in Port au Prince. All are looking forward to tomorrow when our work really starts. Many were surprised by the views on our decent of the city and country and all were excited to be finally be here. It was a long day, but that was soon forgotten as soon as we started driving the streets from the airport to the guest house. Those of us who have been here before notice the subtle changes, but most were taken aback by the seemingly haphazard commotion and chaos seen in ordinary Haitians going about their business on an ordinary day. As shocking as it might have appeared, I think they were even more surprised at how friendly they were as we simply rode past them. A simple gesture like a smile or wave is almost always returned. Some of the children would run to catch up with us and ride on the back of our tap tap. Many of the others would just laugh, smile and shout "Hey You".

By all accounts, it was a typical Haitian welcome. All in all a good start to a life changing week.

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