Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today was soo cool!! We went to this school for the kids! And than we did 3 rounds of the water truck! They were all feeling my hair and they were soo friendly and they would want me to hold them and I learned this Haitian hand shake by 2,13 year old girls names Marina and Jenny! It was soo cool! And than on the last one I met this guy named James and he spoke English soo well so he helped me translate! It was so cool and I tried to speak Creole and all the kids were laughing at me cuz all I said was Bon jour means hello! And chat that means cat Soo every one was laughing it was soo funny!! And than me and Alli Wiedemann, Dave McCarthy, Haley Ann Gazda went for a walk around the guest house that was soo fun every one talked to us on the streets and I felt safe! But it was kinda scary cuz I'm not used to people COMMING up to u and talking to u! But today was amazing!

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